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bucket seats
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  1. Wanted/WTB/Trade/Free Stuff. Cars & Car Parts Only
    hi there! I am looking to buy 2 front bucket seats (left & right) for my 57 2 door coupe. I am open to suggestions also, I live in NY area, thank you Juggy
  2. Transmission and DriveLine Questions
    I would like to change the rear end and transmission on my 57 Bel air Hardtop. I want to put in a 5 speed transmission and want to change the rear end from a non-posi to a posi 373. Can anyone suggest what rear end from what year and make of gm car will be a good fit without a lot of...
  3. Interiors Questions and Answers
    I have not seen this anywhere in the past. In 1955 I saw a 55 hardtop called a Deluxe with chrome trim around the windows, Corvette mirror mounted on the dash and bucket seats from the Delray panel van instead of the normal bench seat (it was upolstered like a Corvette seat rather than the...
1-3 of 3 Results