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  1. How to tighten/CLAMP stainless exhaust pipes??

    Headers and Exhaust System
    I just completed installation of an 'all stainless' exhaust system using 2.5" pipes, Magnaflow 18" mufflers, etc. Unfortunately, regardless of how tight I make the clamps at the connections, the muffler (4x9x18 oval) wants to rotate... I didn't want to weld up all the joints but I might have...
  2. What mufflers?

    Headers and Exhaust System
    I need new mufflers on my 57 4 door sedan. Its not a muscle car by any means, just a family sedan with a stock 283. Id like to keep the old car sound, but have a quiet, nice ride on interstate. The guys in the car club suggested 30 inch cherry bombs ( because of course they did :) but i want it...
  3. WTB 1955 V8 exhaust heat riser valve

    Wanted/WTB/Trade/Free Stuff. Cars & Car Parts Only
    I'm looking for an original large "tombstone" exhaust heat riser valve for a 55 265 V8. The one I need has a large weight that is rectangular with a curved top and part numbers plus "GM" stamped in the face of the weight. In later years the weight on the valve is more of a lollypop on a stick...
  4. Muffler shop recommendation Orange County

    Headers and Exhaust System
    Hello, Looking to have an exhaust system installed in my 57 210 wagon. I will be doing a basic system but have no clue of any shops that work on trifives. I live in Fullerton California and want to find a place close by. Thanks for any recommendations. Sean
  5. Exhaust hole ?

    Trifive Trucks Suburbans & Panel vans
    Right side exhaust header has a non threaded hole on the top. I've read these are used for choke controls on the carb. Do I need to plug it as the engine seems to run fine without it or add a choke to the carb (Rochester 4Jet)? the exhaust still has the heat spring valve attached. The engine...
  6. Discolored Chrome

    Headers and Exhaust System
    just got my exhaust manifolds on the car, much quieter. but aftrr driving 45 minutes, i opened the hood and discovered the chrome has turned a golden purple blue.... why is this and is it a problem?
  7. Stock manifolds vs new ones

    Headers and Exhaust System
    the 3 threads on the bottom of my original manifold are stripped and rusted. they also leak and are very loud. i bought new manifolds to replace them. the new ones do not have the alternator mount so i already changed the mount for that. my dad is really convinced new manifolds will hurt the...
  8. New Exhaust Manifolds

    Headers and Exhaust System
    Alright! im getting brand new chrome exhaust manifolds and i have a few questions. Would I okay getting manifolds with a 2.5 inch outlet and then have an exhaust shop attach it to the rest of my stock 2" exhaust? Do the crossover pipes on stock dual exhaust systems really do enough to justify...
  9. * An Exhaust Manifold Concern

    Headers and Exhaust System
    The studs on my exhaust manifold are now pretty much shot and I am going to outright replace the poor rusted thing. I have straight styled plugs on my 283 engine, but I ordered an exhaust manifold designed to provide maximum clearance for an angled plug system. Am i going to run into issues with...
  10. Walker exhaust pipe 48043

    Headers and Exhaust System
    Hi Everyone, this is my first question I have posted. I have a exhaust pipe with walker # 48043 and have not been able to come up with any info on it. I think it is for a 57 Nomad, but that is best guess. I called the Walker office the other day and he said there was no such # but there tag is...
  11. Tail pipe install and placement

    Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    Hey there, long time lurker building a 57 bel-air 4 door sedan, and just hit a hard spot with regards to exhaust. I'mIinstalling stock single exhuast, which has been going great until I reached the tail pipe. I originally put it in so the pipe sat next to the driver side shock on the RIGHT, but...
  12. Ist_download_049


    Exhaust installation
  13. Ist_download_048


    Exhaust installation
  14. Ist_download_047


    Exhaust installation
  15. Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Hi gang, first post. Thanks!
  16. Welding New Exhaust on a 55 Bel Air with Flame Kit [VIDEO]

    Welder advice, Hand tool Advice Shop Tool.
    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I have posted, but we just did a TIG Time video that I thought would be beneficial to some of the guys in this forum. was at "The Last Run Car Show" last week in Ark City, KS giving welding lessons and doing weld repairs/ restorations for anyone...
  17. Exhaust position

    Trifive Trucks Suburbans & Panel vans
    I wanted get everyone's opinion on the best exhaust pipe position on a 55' 3100 series truck. I've seen a few, out the rear, after the tires, under the bed steps, or none at all. What does the majority think? If you have pics please post. thanks
  18. exhaust manifold problem

    Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    I removed the exhaust manifold to repair the heat riser valus and noticed that the heat transfer pipe that is used to draw air through the chamber to the car is broken inside the manifold. Any ideas how to repair it?:confused: I live in the south and I guess I could just plug it, but since...
  19. exhaust pipe help needed

    Suspension Questions Chassis, Brakes, Shocks, Etc
    Hope is welll with everyone. I am restoring a 57 bel air from the frame up (454 with 400 tranny) and I want to install an exhaust system with 3 in pipe. My question is does anyone know where I can buy exhaust hangers/clamps for the 3 inch pipes? thanks