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  1. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Just purchased a 56 BelAir, and many electrical items (radio, clock, clock light, glove box light, etc. not working because not connected to the fuse box. I see where the radio should be connected, but not the other things. Questions --- How to I know which fuse slots on the panel are always...
  2. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Looking to add a radio to 56 BelAir. Previous radio removed, but was not hooked to power - power wire had been cut. Question - I want to get power from fuse panel, and ther is a fuse for the radio. What size/style of female connector is needed to connect to the male connector on the fuse panel?
  3. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Ive had a rapid drain on my battery for a month or so now, and after almost screwing up everything else in my car, ive pinpointed it down to the BAT fuse terminal. on the fuse block. when i take the fuse out, the drain stops. there are 3 wires connected to the terminal, one for the glove box...
1-3 of 3 Results