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ignition trouble
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  1. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Hey guys I have a 55 Belair I've been trying to get on the road. It's a 235 power glide car. All original besides the whole wiring harness I installed. The car always ran and started with the key before and after I installed the new harness. However I tried starting it the other day. I was...
  2. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Yea I got a 55 Bel-Air and just recently the ignition switch got stuck in the On position. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  3. Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    Hey guys I'm back with another question! I look around on here but no one had a similar problem to me. Basically I have a new starter, ignition switch, and engine harness in my car, which worked until a few days ago. I was turning the car, and out of no where the car will not turn over. There is...
  4. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    So I was moving and the day before we were set to load up, I couldnt find the keys to my 57 Sedan. I looked every where, was up till midnight unpacking looking for those damn keys(my only pair, dumb I know!). So my only choice was to have a 24 Hr lock smith come over, long story short he drilled...
1-4 of 4 Results