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interior belair 1957
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  1. Interiors Questions and Answers
    Hi All, First though... I can't quite understand why these weren't fabricated to use the existing holes as I expect the original PW's did??? So, has anyone used the Eckler's GM Style power window kit? The front door template was straight forward and easy to do. But I am having trouble properly...
  2. Interiors Questions and Answers
    Hope everyone is doing great. I am at the point of installation of the rear interior panels on my 57 2-dr sedan. The interior kit I picked up has nails similar to the door panels. Looking at the tack strip they seem a little long. I have read some posts recommending removing the nails from...
  3. Interiors Questions and Answers
    Hello, I am in the middle of replacing the tack strips in my 57 Chevy 2-dr sedan and need some help on the tack strip locations. My 57 was cobbled together by one of the previous owners and had the headliner glued in certain areas with no tack strip underneath. Is there an illustration showing...
  4. Interiors Questions and Answers
    Just completed painting the exterior black and am looking to purchase a complete factory style interior (Red and Black) What sites would you recommend looking for best quality and price? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results