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  1. Electrical Questions and Answers
    So I wanted LED H4 bulbs for my existing headlights that have a blue LED halo. Problem was, the LED H4 bulbs are to long for the headlight bucket. I found an older post on here that talked about extending the headlight buckets:
  2. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Thought I posted this before but cannot find it now. Anyway, I had replaced my original 56' Clock with a new electronic 12v clock, but the bulb socket is for incandescing bulbs. After thinking about it...I modified it with a 194 Bulb Socket that is for side markers. I had to file down the center...
  3. Cooling Systems, Radiators, Fans / A/C
    I had installed my VA in my 56' but I had no answer as to how to back light the panel, after modifying it. It needed to be an LED bulb to go with the rest of my lighting. I had also installed a Dakota Digital VH dash with analog gauges. Anyway, I found the same solution that I applied to my new...
  4. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Anybody have a Super Bright LED strip they recommend for some lighting of Special Stuff...a link or so. I have a boxed in Front Tag I made for my 56' a few years ago...used incandescent bulbs at first, then switched to LED Strips, but have seen some Super Bright LED's in different...
  5. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Ever wonder what difference LED interior lighting will do in these old cars? I installed my American Autowire courtesy lights with single contact LED bulbs from Wal-Mart, and my single contact overhead bulb with a 12 bulb Super Brite light from Autozone. I used a dab of RTV to hold it in...
  6. Trifive Trucks Suburbans & Panel vans
    My 56' Cameo has LED brake lights to which the turn sig and running lights connect as well as the brake lights. all systems work well.... except when running lights are on no brake lights. when they are off brake lights work fine. I believe they are taking full voltage during running light...
  7. Electrical Questions and Answers
    I have a 1955 150 and recently installed the Technostalgia LED taillights, LED parking lamps (just the bulb) and an electronic flasher. Everything worked great when I had the original filament bulbs installed in the dash for the turn signals. Wanting brighter turn signal indicators in the dash...
  8. Electrical Questions and Answers
    Just was looking to see if there was a way I could plug my recently purchased LED tail lights into the 1157 socket instead of rewiring things. I found a place that sells both 1157 and 1156 plugs with wires coming off. I called a few parts places after...
  9. Official Sponsors Announcements & Parts for Sale
    Vintage Air now available! We have added Vintage Air to our growing list of vendors for 2009. It will take a few weeks to get their product online, but until then we will be running a special on orders placed for the month of January.
  10. Electrical Questions and Answers
    I know this cant be as hard as Im making it out to be...I have the new LED taillights for my 56 which have three wires red,black, white. White is ground red for brakes and black for turn signal. But I cant get this thing to work. I have voltage and the old bulb works. Any ideas?
1-10 of 11 Results