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  1. Trifive Nomads, Sedan Deliveries & Station Wagons
    I have a rust bucket 57 Nomad and it needs a complete bottom pan. It also needs other extensive sheet metal work. My direction at this time is to replace the inner and outer rocker panels then brace everything real well and lift the body on to a rotisserie. This would get things up where I can...
  2. Metal Fabrication and Repair Questions
    I really need Help! The front cowl on our 57 belair is completely rusted out. My Dad and I have ordered a new piece 4 times from 4 different vendors since last october, all of wich claimed to have them "in stock" and not one of them actually did. after a couple of days, and 4 weeks in one...
  3. Metal Fabrication and Repair Questions
    Hi friends, Its glad to tell u all that i can explain maximum queries related to metal fabrication. U may get surprise, how? Yes i did major project and completed training in metal fabrication from a company called as Astro Engineering And Fabrication. The project and training i...
1-3 of 4 Results