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  1. Classifieds Section - For Sale Items ONLY!
    I imagine the only book worth any significant value is the shop manual so I’ll take $25 for that plus shipping from 17316. Offers considered. You can make an offer on the other books as well. I’ve formatted the descriptions such that you’ll be able to copy/paste them into your browser and find...
  2. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    Hi all. I'm trying to nail down the details on this Nomad. The trim tag has me confused. Given all the other numbers (STYLE 57-1064DF), TRIM 593, PAINT 810D) shouldn't I expect the BODY No to be 2429? I searched these forums for 2353 and got zero hits. Can anyone offer some help? Thanks and...
1-2 of 2 Results