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  1. Trifive Steering/Power & Manual/Rack & Pinion- 605
    Y'all, While reconfiguring the steering to lessen bump steer on my '57, I damaged one of the steering arms that came with the CCI rack-and-pinion kit I'd had since the '90s. I was pleased to see that Eckler's still sold the arms separately and ordered a pair of replacements (P/Ns 142151 &...
  2. Suspension Questions Chassis, Brakes, Shocks, Etc
    I am trying to complete the install of my corvette c4 rear end in my '55 Bel Air and I am wondering if I am setting the pinion angle on the differential correctly. I set my frame level for no other reason than to try and make this all make sense. My engine is 4.1* down I adjusted my diff to...
  3. Trifive Steering/Power & Manual/Rack & Pinion- 605
    Hello All, i recently purchased a unisteer tri-five set up and have run into a couple of minor set-backs. First the rack (shaft)seems to sit at a rather sharp angle when bolted to its mounting holes - now, i know some modifying is always needed when building a hot rod but we had to move the rack...
1-3 of 3 Results