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  1. Fuel Systems/Injection, Carburation, Supercharging
    1956 150 with 74 vintage 350 with mild cam and Edelbrock 4 bbl. 5/16" OD steel line from tank to standard mechanical fuel pump. I installed the clear plastic fuel filter that comes with the carb. The fuel delivery appears to be very poor. See attached pic - it's not a great pic, but it might...
  2. Engine Building, Hi Performance
    Hey guys, I haven't really posted much on here and don't know a whole lot, but I have recently picked up a Gen-II LT1 (supposedly from a '97 Firebird, getting a once over at the machine shop later this week) for my '56 210. It also came with another L99 and 4l60E, no computers, no wiring...
  3. Links to Other Sites
    Learn about Chevy Cylinder Heads and Camshafts @
  4. Super Stock/Pro Street & Modified Disc. 55-56-57
    Want to share pictures of my new "Vintage Series" finned air cleaner and valve covers from Holley. Designed for 350 small block engines, these new cast aluminum pieces are available in bright polished aluminum, raw aluminum (paint 'em any color you want) and black (my personal favorite). These...
1-4 of 4 Results