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  1. Suspension Questions Chassis, Brakes, Shocks, Etc
    Hi all! I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone out there has the rear spring front hangar spring eye mounting hole to bottom of frame dimension? Mouth full I know.....thanks in advance. Don't know if there is a difference in this dimension from 55-57? I am curious about 55 in particular.
  2. Trifive Trucks Suburbans & Panel vans
    Looking for a lower steering spring that connects at the lower bracket. Any ideas?
  3. Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    I am new to this site. I have a couple of trifives---and it looks like this is the place to be! I got my old 57 sport coupe running after sitting since my prom in 1985. It is a 235 car with the Powerglide. New gas tank, sender, battery, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, condenser, exhaust, fuel pump...
  4. Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    Is use of a torch the best (or only?) means of removing the forward (metal sleeved) bushings in classic chevy leaf springs? I attempted to do this with a press, but had no luck yesterday, so I'm waiting for my new bushings to arrive, and my plan is to leave them in the freezer over night, then...
1-4 of 4 Results