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stock rear-end
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  1. Transmission and DriveLine Questions
    I'm going to have my rear axle rebuilt and install new 373 gears and Timken bearings. Id like to ask experienced folks who have the same exact rear that I do (Stock 1957 Bel Air rear end) what the best practice is. And are the copper washers on the bolts necessary?
  2. Suspension Questions Chassis, Brakes, Shocks, Etc
    After pondering a fix for my 56' which has four wheel disc brakes on it that I installed during a resto with a 4 X 4 GMC Jimmy rear-end that had disc brakes, and replacing the rear-end once again, because of vibration (bad) at 60 mph, I figured that perhaps the re-welded spring perches may not...
1-2 of 2 Results