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    Hey friends, We're converting the automatic transmission on our '57 150 to a 3-speed with overdrive and a column shift. I'm having a tough time finding the shift linkage for this. Eckler's sells them from a third-party, but they're on backorder until the end of the month. Has anyone...
  2. Transmission and DriveLine Questions
    Hi all! We're going backwards from what most folks do. We currently have an automatic transmission, but we're converting to a 3-speed transmission with overdrive with a column ('three on the tree') shift for our 1957 150 2-door. I'm gathering the parts necessary for the conversion. Here's...
  3. Transmission and DriveLine Questions
    I'm a new owner of a 1956 Chevy 2-door Bel Air Sedan. It has a "three on the tree" transmission - three speed with overdrive transmission with a column shifter on the steering column. I'd like to modify to a floor shifter, though I'm having trouble finding a floor shifter that's compatible...
1-3 of 3 Results