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  1. Show us your Trifive
    “Old Chevies Never Die, they just get faster”. Here Ya Go: ‘57 2dht restored early 80s Survivor, Matador Red laquer, CARS interior, 70s Street Machine Stance. Yesterday: 3rd engine, 4th trans, 5th clutch, musta schucked a dozen stock third members back in the day. Today: Motown 427 sbc...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Joining trifive. 57 belair 2dht, mine since ‘78, 427 sbc, t10 Power brute trans, gear vendors overdrive, 12 bolt rear, disc brakes, rochester tri power, matador red laquer since 1980.
  3. Engine Building, Hi Performance
    Looking for some info on a setup like this. What is everyone's thoughts? WEIAND BBC TRI POWER SETUP. Not looking for crazy performance, just bad a$$ery, It will go on a mild performance 454.
  4. Hi Performance
    I have a running 348 engine with 3 - 2 barrel carbs and want to replace it with a big block chevy. How would I determine what this engine is worth. It is currently in my 56 chevy 2 door. Gary / Tucson AZ [email protected]
1-4 of 4 Results