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1955 belair windshield wiper switch

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What do I need to replace to repair a vacuum leak in the windshield wiper switch? For now I disconnected the vacuum line to the manifold so the car would run right.
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original wipers set up ? vacum wipermotor? electric wipermotor? ----:confused0006:
Blayton.....I believe the vacuum on the switch only controls the washer system, not the wiper......The cable controls the wiper motor - vacuum or electric.
I'm lost

What happened is that the car started running bad and I noticed that it was sucking a vacuum from the center of the windshield wiper switch I traced it to the intake manifold. I plugged the line at the manifold and the car runs great. if it only controls the washer I can live without it.
Do your wipers still work? Do you have an electric or vacuum motor?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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