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1956 4 door 210 - speedometer, rear suspension

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I replaced my speedo cable hoping that was the issue with a "grinding" noise I was getting from the dash, but that does not seemed to have helped.
Do I have replace the entire set of gauges or is there a way to just replace the speedometer?

My current rear suspension is the original 3 leaf springs. I only seem to find 4, 5, and 6 leaf spring replacements. I'm just looking for a stock ride. Will the 4 leaf be too stiff?

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If the cable is good, then just the speedo head can be replaced

Four or Five leaf will be fine IMHO
Your 56 sedan would have come with a 4 leaf spring... I have never seen a 3 leaf or a listing for a 3 leaf spring... Replaced my old & cracked 4 leaf with a new 4 leaf about 4 years ago... Felt it sat too high in the rear so I installed 2inch lowering blocks... :anim_25: with your 56... Later, Dave
mine sounded the same way last yr.This spring I had to replace the speedo the cable was fine but the guts of the speedo went bad
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