Selling a pre-owned 1956 pushbutton radio, manufactured by Antique Automobile Radio Palm Harbor, Florida.
I used to be a dealer for this company, and a former customer ordered this radio for his Nomad. Before he installed it in his car, he decided to
go another audio system route and sold the radio back to me. The radio is 15 yrs old but has been stored in my shop.

I have recently tested all fuctions of the radio to make sure it operated correctly.
The radio comes in the original box with harness, bracket, and instruction book.
The updated Bluetooth version of this radio is $629 plus $25 shipping from the company.

I'm selling it for $300 plus shipping.

Features are listed below. NOTE: This radio is an older model and does not have Bluetooth or line level output jacks.

  • 10 presets (5 AM, 5 FM).​
  • 4 x 45 watts RMS output allows up to 180 watts of audio power.​
  • AM dial scale in foreground looks original - FM dial scale in background.​
  • Analog controls look and feel like the original radio.​
  • All controls easily accessible. Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader and Tuning from original-looking controls.​
  • LED dial lights will never need replacing.​
  • Digitally tuned AM/FM/Stereo front end provides stable, high quality reception.​
  • ½" shafts on controls for mounting (same size and thread as original shafts).​
  • Memory retention for pushbuttons and user settings more than 40 years.​
  • 3.5 mm phone jack for input from iPod, satellite radio or MP3 player.​
  • Switch selectable for 1,2,3 or 4 speakers.​
  • Switch selectable for North America or Europe mode.​