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1956 lifters

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does anyone know the hydraulic lifter bore size on a 56 235 c.i.d. engine ?
Thanks in advance Paul.
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Liftter bore.

Hi paul. I just checked the liftter bore size on two 56 / 265 motors that I have. The bore size is ( 0.841 ):happy0030:. It looks like to me 265, 283, 327, and 350 are all the same. :shakehands: Big Tom.
Big Tom, he's asking about a six cylinder engine - are they the same size?
I think i have some nos 235 lifters. I'll mic them and let you know.:shakehands:
Thanks for the information and I'll keep it in my book for future references. Bobby thanks for your time and trouble. Paul
56 liftter bore

Paul, I am sorry I gave the wrong info. I was up late last night, this morning. As soon as I saw 56 my mine saw 265. The next time I will read slower. TOM.:confused0006:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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