These are left over parts from a previous build, I don't plan on doing any more so everything I have is for sale, However, all of it has to go as 1 lot, everything goes for $450
The Caveat is, I am not going to ship this stuff, I don't have time to go to a swap meet, and this stuff is not listed anywhere else. Someone lives in Florida or knows someone in Florida that can come over here and pick it all up, hence, the killer price. No photos, everyone here know what this stuff looks like, feel free to message me for specific questions,
Thanks Jim

1957 283 O.E. oil pan, bottom not smashed, This is the correct oil pan for with 2 step sump and clearance at the front for steering
1957 BelAir rear axles, new studs, new Timken bearings, new National seals with correct bearing retainer plate. Specific for 1957
1957 283 4 barrel (WCFB) Intake Manifold, no corrosion or stripped threads, excellent condition, K96 date, casting #3731398
1957 283 168 tooth FLEXPLATE, 3 converter bolt holes specifically for cast iron powerglide , used
4 O.E. “CHEVROLET”valve covers (staggered bolt pattern) 3 passenger side with vacuum advance line CLIPS, 1 drivers side, good condition
10 O.E. ¼-20 timing cover bolts, (screwdriver slot type)
1957 283 timing cover with correct “A” “0” graduated timing tab
1957 O.E. replacement oil fill cap (new)
1957 O.E. replacement correct fit fuel line to WCFB carb with glass bowl filter
1957 O.E. replacement glass bowl fuel filter for WCFB carb
Non Tri-Five
World's Smallest 12-CD player JVC CH-X1100 NIB
The new-generation CH-X1100 is front finished in Millennium Blue. It's meant for trunk mount, but you might feel like showing it off because it looks so great! The CH-X1100 can play a mix of 12 CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.

CVR Performance 53230S- NIB Chevy geared starter,

Everything goes for $450.00 cash