I bought these several years ago for spares in case my car should need a harness replaced. Sold the car last year.
All are new Factory Fit brand in the original unopened factory packages.
Please send me a PM if you are interested. Domestic shipping (U.S.A.) only.

CE78772 - 1957 Chevy Rear Body Light Wiring Harness, 210 or Bel Air Sport Coupe. $100 plus shipping.
CE77264 - 1957 Chevy Front Forward Light Harness, fits any passenger car model. $80 plus shipping.
CE78201 - 1957 Chevy V8 Engine Harness, fits any model passenger car with 265 or 283 and auto trans (except 2x4bbl & F.I.). $50 plus shipping.
CE78243 - 1957 Chevy Dash Harness, fits any model of passenger car. $200 plus shipping.