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2" drop spindle without disc conversion

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Looking for a 2" drop spindle that doesn't require a front disc brake conversion. I'm going for a period correct early '60's hot rod, and want to keep the front drums. It's a 1955 two door Delray.

Many thanks,
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They didn't build them then and they don't build them now either.
Looks like you'll have to cut a coil or go to disc brakes and dropped spindles.
already cut two coils. Ride is great, but want two more inches out of it. Can't cut any more coils because the tires will slant in too much at the top. i realize drop spindles aren't period correct, but the final appearance would be more period correct than front disc brakes.

What did you old time hot rodders do back in the day?
I know of a guy here in Sweden who did just that, but he had to fab his own hubs. Here's how he did it (I know it's in swedish, but the pictures shows that it can be done):

If you want to get an idea what the text is about, Google has a translation service that does just that. Note that the translation is far from good, but at least you get an idea:

Good luck!
I built a "period correct" hot rod 57. On mine if the part doesn't show I used any part that was better, like dropped spindles and disc brakes. Since the disc brakes don't show any more than the dropped spindles do on yours, then why not have the huge increase in stopping power and nobody can see them anyway?
Look for a spindle without, I repeat without the caliper mount cast into the spindle. Mc Gaughys and CPPs have the bracket cast into the spindle. CPP has a new Modular spindle without the caliper bracket cast into it. It may work, check out the Heidts spindle, SSBC ( Stainless Steel Brakes Co.) spindle and the Alston Chassis works spindle. These do not have a caliper bracket cast into it. The other issue you have to deal with is the spindle shaft length and the inner bearing seal, this may affect clearance offset etc. Still be best to go with disc brakes. Ma-bee get a dust shield to hide the shiny disc rotor so it would not be obvious.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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