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Pretty big assumption that this car is rolling around with it's original VIN. Even bigger assumption that the current "owner" would have any connection with the circumstances that put this car in play. The law and courts are driven by the law, the law requires factual corroborated evidence. There is no smoking gun.

Im not assuming anything. I doubt the car still exists but if it does it's his if the original VIN is still on the car, such as frame. Anyone that bought it not knowing it was stolen is [edited by admin for language, by chevman57] out of luck if it's recovered.
Years ago my friends car was stolen it was spotted and the police found the original VIN. It was impounded from the current owner that bought it unsuspecting and returned to my friend. The guy that thought he owned it had bought new wheels and tires for it, he said to the cops that those were his, NOPE, what ever was on the car when recovered went to the rightful owner.
Study law some time.
You can never "clean up" stolen property as long as it's positively identified
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