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235 multi-port injection?

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Does anyone know of any multi-port fuel injection systems for the 235 engine? I saw a picture of one on a 57 bel air and it was pretty nice. just can't seem to find out who made that setup. I would like to keep the 235 although this one has to be different if it's going to stay. Any unique suggestions so I dont have to do the normal thing and upgrade to a small block?
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seen a 6 cyl 57 sedan del. at goodguys show puylalup wa. had some kind of injection maybe some one on here knows him
235 multi-port fuel injection?

Does anyone know of a multi-port fuel injection system for a 235? I saw a picture of one with a custom intake with the tps sensor attached. I'm trying to achieve something very different with this 235 and need some help locating a fuel system to improve driveability, power output, and a nice visual to boot. Any unique suggestions is greatly appreciated.
google a place called Clifford Performance. they specialize in 6 cyl hot rodding
I saw on youtube, someone used a clifford intake with a tbi setup from a 2.8 six cylinder I think.
Multiport if going to be a bit harder than going with a TBI unit. you will have to fabricate or modify a manifold and the problem is that since the 235 has
shared ports there may be problems with fuel distribution because you will
have 2 injectors spraying into the same port and you will have one cylinder tending to rob the fuel intended for its adjacent cylinder . There are ways to minimize this with dividing the port but that can cause other problems.
You could take 2, 1bbl tbi's and use a dual 1bbl manifold if you want a different look. Check out places like and the hamb.
There are some folks that have done this or tried it and can help you further.


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