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383 for my 56

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I finally got to see it run. Thisbwill he going in my car later this year or iver the winter. Should be fun!

I cant get the run we got to see to load. The best run was a little iver 500 hp and 500 ft lbs. The last run we seen after some heat soak was upper 400s for HP and Ft Lbs


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Very nice! I'm thinking about a 383 stroker for the squarebody project I recently picked up. Where did you get this one?

Chevy Performance block
4 Bolt Mains
10.2:1 Compression Ratio
Clevite Pro bearings
Scat forged rotating assembly
Edelbrock Etec 200 heads
XR-282HR-10 Cam
1.5 roller rockers
Edelbrock air gap intake
680 quick fuel carb
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video of the dyno run
Sounds pretty good! Dyno looks pretty solid too...I would've guessed around 450 to 475HP so it's pretty close!
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Sounds pretty good! Dyno looks pretty solid too...I would've guessed around 450 to 475HP so it's pretty close!

I wanted to see the torque below 4000. When the chart starts its 500 ft lbs and falls from there. Should be a good tire shreader for sure.
So, a general question for you guys for some opinions. I've had a few people tell me that this isn't going to be a very fun on the street engine to drive. What's everyone's thoughts on that? To be honest I was shooting for the 400 to 450 range and hit a bit over 500 instead.

What is the upper end of HP thats still sensible to drive on the street.

Another factor is that's the corrected HP rating for the motor. I'm at 7,000 feet so I'm sure it's less than 500 hp here.
What would you all think on torque converters?

TCI Breakaway or Streetfighter

my trans guy said the breakaway at around 2,500 stall should be nice and streetable

No thoughts on the TC, but can’t see why this motor wouldn’t be a blast on the street. The dyno pull doesn’t show below 4k, but the dyno seems to show it’s making all its power below 6k, which seems quite reasonable.
The 7k altitude is a challenge, but it is what it is. Enjoy!
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Get the best torque converter you can afford. It'll make the car so much more fun to drive and more efficient too. I'd look at a Vigilante myself, but they are spendy. 700R4 – Precision Industries
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