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To cut a long story short I would say yes BUT I will give you a bit more info:

4BBL Carter WCFB/Roch 1957 - manifold No. 3731398
This manifold was only used in producation for the 1957 model. It has a new design carburetor base plate and a new large heater hose inlet boss to the left of the thermostate houing. This intake has a oil splash shield.

4BBL Carter WCFB/Roch 1958 -59 - manifold No. 3732757
This manifold was used for all 1958 - 61 348/250HP applications. This intake has an oil splash shield riveted to the bottom, also used in later model applications.

4BBL Carter WCFB/Rochester - manifold No. 3746829
This manifold was used on all passenger & corvette 283 4 barrel applications from 1958 through t 1961. This intake has a large oil splash shield riverted to the bottom, mnifold was also used in later model years.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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