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454 BBC or 400 SBC

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I have a friend thats a 454 BBC motor for 300 bucks, It comes as a standard bore and stroke, all he has is the block, heads, crank, rods & pistons, and the 400 SBC he has block and crank for 200 bucks are they worth it, both are in great shape to build no turn bearings and no ring grove, and good cranks in both blocks. any comments let me know. thanks Bill
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Seems they're both a good deal to me. The standard bore on the 454 has a long life ahead of it. But I'm kinda partial to big blocks. :anim_25:
A 454 core alone is worth 600.00

And the 400 small block is a great engine, I would get both.

454 is a different choice after years of mouse motors, though there is nothing wrong with small blocks.
454 would be a good choice as the old 400 blocks sometimes seem to be more trouble then there worth some times with all the cracking issues they seem to have.
I will not build anything based on a 400 block, 9 times out of 10 when I see a SBC at a machine shop fraged its a 377 or 406. If its 4 bolt main from 70-73 its is especially junk. The best ones are 509s. I am not aware of any problem child BBCs, however I must admit I have not done much with the later 1 piece rear main type. You could buy the 400 and probably swap it for a good 350.
buy them both, install the big block and re-sale the 400 for more money!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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