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Below I have added photos of an original untouched 5/16 sending unit that was removed from my car. The angle for the output line is 50 degrees from the flat part that seals with the gas tank. You can see the line is also slightly bent at an angle too in another photo. I had the same issue you are with a 3/8 sending unit that would not clear the gas tank strap and had to bend the output line.

These sending units are also bent wrong at the float tab, causing them to not read accurately. I am happy to provide this angle as well that you must bend the reproduction to. I have bent the reproduction angle to match the original on two cars now and the gas gauge reads absolutely perfect.

I also added a photo comparing two original untouched sending units against a reproduction where you can visually see the differences. The real issue here isn't that we need to be performing all these steps, its that these parts are being made without any obvious testing for fitment and use and being sold to work at a premium.

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