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55 56 front bumper differences

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I bought a set of rechromed bumpers for my 55 at the swap meet. Now a week later I notice the outer fronts say 56. I am hoping they are mislabled. I need to know how to identify them.

Thanks, Greg
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Greg there is another thread on 55/56 bumpers and they say the outer ends are the same.
'56 center comes to more of a point . I can't speak for just the ends, they certainly look close to the same..
He is wondering about the ends, not the center section guys.
As said, the ends are the same between 55 and 56. The centers are different, the 56 comes to a bit of a point as already said.
cool, I have 56 ends and 55 center, so all is well. Thanks guys.
i think the ends on a 55 is different then on the 56 the 55 is more round
nope, the ends are the same.. compare them.
Better yet, look at the assembly manual. The ends of the 55 and 56 FRONT bumpers are the same part number.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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