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55-57 keys?

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Ok, how many of you think or know if your cars came with only one key to unlock and turn on your car? I heard that from factory you would only need one key. I have two original keys. A round and a hex. Anyone have a clue if there had to be a key for each igniton, glove box lock and door and trunk locks, etc. Who knows? Thanks
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My Dad's '57 4 door only had one key (my older brother bought it new). I'm pretty sure that's the way the came. Our '57 has 2 one for ignition and one for the trunk and doors, but that's not original. I have also heard that at that time GM only made a few sets of keys and every 6 or 7 one was a master key, I do know that the key to fit Dad's car, fit my buddies '57 coupe, and our football coaches '61 impala, would unlock and start both of them. Go figure.:sign0020:
I'vehad a couple Buicks in the past. Both of them used a round - well, oval key for the trunk and rectange for doors & ignition.
All of my locks use the same key. I think that is the way they came. I had a 57 years ago and it was the key for all.
My 57 has one key that fits every lock on the car. I think it's original.
According to the Shop Manual, one key does it all.

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I'm pretty sure my first '55 had 2 keys - 1 ignition, and 1 glove box & trunk. May have just been the mfg facility - L (Los Angeles).

My current '55 -S (St Louis) came with several keys. Only 1 looked original, but none worked. I just bought all new locks.
1 key cut fits everything on the car and they were hex head. :tu

I had two keys. Just had all the locks keyed the same. Cost was $40 and included cutting a few spares. Ign, 2 doors and the hatch.

I think my 1st 55 also had two keys. But that was a long time ago.
My '56 came with the original key with the "knock out" still in it. The number stamped on this key matches the numbers stamped on all the lock cylinders in the car. One key fits all.
The 1957 Owners Manual confirms only one key was used.

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My 57 uses just one key for everything, it is original that way.

Looks like it's one key! Thanks guys for your responses. Daniel:shakehands:
Mine still has the knockout attached. One key does all Jim
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