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New to the forum and could use some help.
I do mostly Muscle cars( resto shop) but just pulled this Barn find from a garage here in Denver and would like the groups opinion on what to do with this car.
55 2dr bel air hardtop
85K original miles
sitting since 76 in garage- garaged since 67
100% original down to paint/ interior and drivetrain etc.
6 cylinder engine( runs) with 3 speed overdrive trans
Body is rust free except for fender eyebrows and small( golf ball) hole in quarter
Passenger fender & quarter have med size dent in each.I would replace fender and fix quarter.
interior has never been cut or modified and still has Am radio in it.
The big question???
Restore with V8 and leave stock?
modify with C4 corvette suspension ( which I have left over from another project) and LS1 resto mod it
I have tried to sell it and no luck( craigslist tire kickers)
Resto -mods still seem to be doing well and out selling original cars ,but I hate to cut up such an original car. Is the 6 cyl/ 3 speed worth anything to anybody here.
My direct # 303 489 1872
I'll upload some pics on monday
Thanks for any help / feedback

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:hello: hi steve and welcome. good to have you here. its only original once. its yours, so do what will make you happy. :party0031:

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Steve, If the car is what you describe in your classified ad here on Trifive it should sell pretty quick at or close to your asking price. I would give it a bit here since there is a much better chance to find the right buyer here than on Craigslist. I know if I was in the market for a 55 hardtop to build I would be all over your car, again providing it is as you describe. If it don't sell here then build it any way you desire. A quality build is going to bring good money in either case being stock or modified although the 6 cyl may not bring as much. :anim_25:


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:sign0016:to trifive Steve:shakehands: :anim_25:with the 55... Later, Dave
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