I currently have a 56’ Nomad nearly completely stock. The cast iron powerglide in it shifts fine but leaks from every gasket and seal. I am about to spend a few dollars and pull it out to rebuild and reseal. From what I have read I will be lucky if I can get it to not leak or seep.
I am considering an upgrade to another transmission. Yes, it appears the options are numerous. Most of you are constantly upgrading your rides. It’s part of the fun!
So, anyone out there running an auto transmission, driveshaft, linkage that would like to sell what they have? You’re ready for the next upgrade? I would like it to be complete. Everything I need to bolt in for upgrade. I am keeping the cast iron power glide and associated parts for originality sake. I am open to the many options but, it must be complete and turn key ready to bolt in.
Yes, I have cash and I am willing to travel to pick it up.