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I was just curious,what were the differences between these models,aside from trim, hardtop etc.:)
A = 150 (bottom of the line)
B = 2100 (middle)
C = BelAir (top of the line)

With the upper trim level (BelAir) the car was dressed better and got carpet versus the rubber floor covering that came in 150s & 210s.
(this does not hold true for a 210 DelRay. as these were given a BelAir type interior and carpet from the factory)

I met a guy who swore his '55 150 Wagon was a REAL Sedan Delivery and the "A" on the VIN tag stood for Atlanta. "A" actually means the model level of the car. ex A57N18XXXX as a vin code.
A would be 150
'57 would be the year.
N would be Norwood, OH
all cars started with the number 1 and then the sequence the car came down the asembly line.

I hope this answers some questiions for you. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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