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56 Nomad on Racing Junk

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This one looks like a good buy for someone, I have nothing to do with this sale, I just saw it and thought someone might be interested. here is the link

Or use add number 1993552
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Seems to be a great deal...:confused0006: Well my garage is already full.....
looks like a great buy. :party0031:
Wow:party0031:$5500.I dont think that it will be for sale for very long.
Appears to be a good deal but; Look close at the doors he says go with it. They are 2dr sedan doors with the upper frames cut off and will not fit a Nomad. Good Nomad doors are near impossible to find and very pricey when you do find them. One would have to wonder what else is not accurate in the description. :confused0006:

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