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56 Nomad rear cargo wood floor stainless ?

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:confused0006:I just bought new wood for the rear cargo of my 56 Nomad. I have looks to me all the stainless for the back , but not a clue to how all the pieces fit together. I bought the car with the strips removed. If anyone can send me pictures that would ce of help that would be great .. Thank You , Rob
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Rob, you're lucky you have all your pieces. I'm still looking for a couple for my '56. These pictures should give you a general idea where things go. You can also get hardware kits with all the cargo area screws.


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John, those pictures show pieces that im not sure are correct, they might be repros. as i recell the two vertical pieces on the lid have one screw hole in the middle, and i believe the pieces that border them vertically on the deck are the same. the ones on my dads are all correct except for the horizontal piece that is mounted on the lid closest to the tailgate. that piece should only have 4 screws. the hardest part is determining which of the pieces go on the lid and which ones goes around the lid on the floor. there should be two pieces with 3 cutouts , one longer than the other. these go by the hinges on the lid. the one longer than the other goes on the floor, and the shorter one on the lid. maybe im stating the obvious here, but just thought i would throw that in. the same idea is applied to the vertical pieces on the lid. one will be longer than the other, and the ends will be slightly different. here are a few pictures.

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John, those pictures show pieces that im not sure are correct, they might be repros.
Mike, that was a test. You passed! :) Good eye, you're right - they're definitely not originals.
keep them coming great reference pictures !

Looks like I have everything, and can start putting the strips back on. Were these screw to the wood . I don't have have the rubber matting, repop wood panels.


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i believe they were screwed to the wood, havent seen the repro cargo floors if they have holes or not. maybe someone else can chime in on this one
I have the repop wood flooring to go in, it has some pre-drilled holes . I will need to lay it out and see. I know two out front pieces need to be notched for Nomad. The flooring I bought came from Dave's Classic Sales & Service in Ohio. Really nice stuff by looking at it.
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