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57 Bel Air, Coupe Vs 4 Door?

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Help!!! Coupe Vs Sedan.

Hi Folks. Need some advice.

Seriously looking about doing Wedding Car/Graduation hire in Australia with a 57 Bel Air.

I love the Coupe. But worried about the access in and out for Brides, tall Grooms etc etc.

How much smaller is the passenger area in a 2 door than a 4 door? Is is quite a lot? What is the access like to the rear of a 2 door.

And finally, do you think the sleeker looks of a 2 door would attract more customers, as against the practicality of a 4 door?

Thanks People

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sled i have a 4 door and i cannot tell you how many people want me to drive them around for weddings etc ,i have found that most people into the tri 5s that arn,t diehard don,t know the difference from one to the other and if you are thinking about doing this for a business you have to think about the comfort of the passengers and getting into a 4 door is so much easier then the 2 ,on the other hand they don,t come any nicer looking then the hard tops,of which you can get a 4 door.[wish i had known]
Best combo may be a 4 dr hardtop. you get the sleek look with separate rear door accessibility. 2dr sedans are much easier that 2 dr hardtops to get into, but still not "easy" especially with a wedding dress!
You would be better off with a 4 door sedan they are higher in the roof line as well as access in & out of the car is alot easier especially for a bride.
Best combo may be a 4 dr hardtop. you get the sleek look with separate rear door accessibility.
Done 4 weddings and a funeral in mine it is a lot easier to have 4 doors for the older generation (pardon the expresion) to get in and out also
just my 2 cents
Limos almost always have at least 4 doors, that's their purpose - personnel carriers.
I have done several weddings with my 4 door and it works great. No problem for the Bride to get in or out of. I have another one comming up next month. Also when there were some older relatives visiting my mother-in-law, we ended up having to use my 57 to take them out to dinner as it was too hard to get in and out of the other cars we had and the 57 works great with someone who uses a walker or cane to aid them.
limos have more than 2 doors for a reason. most just see that its a trifive, so go 4 doors. :five:
I think when people hire a car for an event they want a big car, the bigger the better -----:cool:
Looks like a four door then.

But gee Ilike thelookof the 2 doors!
Yeah if your looking at it from a business point of view i would be suggesting a 4dr hardtop as you still get that slick look when all windows down.
Most don't know the difference. 4 door for sure, getting in and out of a 2 dr hdt really stinks (really tough and almost impossible when dressed for a wedding). Regards Lloyd
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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