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57 chevy couch

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over the weekend ive been cutting up a 57 post car i had i mean i hated to do it but i didnt want to crush it ive took everything possible off this thing well i still had the trunk area and quarters so i cut the back end off with a saw saw and i had an extra s10 bench seat i mean the bench seat fit perfect in the trunk and i made an excellent couch out of the rear of the car i still have to do yes body work to the couch like painting ect but it came out well anybody that has an old parts car not worthy to restore should try and make one its a get addition to your garage well this ones in my dads next week im gonna cut the dash out and mount it to the back part of the couch where the rear glass or speakers would be it should look great when finished i will put a picture up when i get er done
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Sounds like my kind of couch (except I would use '55), please do post them pictures
Yes i`ve been wanting one of those for a long time, just don`t to cut up one of my parts cars right now. Seen a few on e-bay but they were all too far away to buy. Let us see how it turns out.
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