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I mentioned a big difference between Cars Inc and Ciadella. An $1100 difference. That's why I ordered from Cars Inc.
Sleeve Wood Orange Motor vehicle Vehicle
Sleeve Wood Comfort Red Tints and shades
Wood Floor Flooring Automotive exterior Beige

Saturday I got my seat covers, top boot cover, and armrests. I'm still waiting on my door panels, kick panels, and rear arm rest covers. I ordered my interior on November 17th. A little over two months to get this much already. Well before my expectations.
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I have CARS Inc. interior also, I had no preference between CARS and Ciadella.
Just so happened at the time, 2019, Ecklers had a sale, it was something like 15-20% off over some amount plus I had a 10-15% coupon and it was FREE shipping.
I actually went back and checked the price at CARS and before the discounts it was cheaper through Ecklers.
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