Donovan and I made a trip yesterday to gather up all the parts I recently agreed to purchase. Nothing rare
but lots of good parts the likes that are needed for restoration of these cars. They are all now back in my
barn and need to be sorted through. 2 pair of very nice front fenders with almost no rust. A hardtop door
Super clean hood that is dealer undercoated. several 57 rims and lots of 2 dr stainless. New never
installed rear leaf springs. Lots of bumper pcs. Tons of bumper brackets, starters, 4bbl carbs. generators.
starters. 5 or 6 57 push button radios. Flippers.....2 V-8 radiators and much more.

Donovan got a 327 motor and a 350 turboglide tranny to flip out of the deal.

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