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57 Hood Alignment

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My hood sits anout 1/2" above the front of the fenders. I was told that this is the way they came from the factory?? Is there any way to align the hood with the fenders? Is this a body shim problem??

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It did not come from the factory like that. The hood was even to the fender line everywhere. Some one else will help you with the alingnment.
The hood latch and rubber bumpers on each front corner are supposed to hold the hood even with the front fenders. If the rubber bumpers are not holding it up above the fenders, the tie bar that the latch plate mounts to, is probably bent upward. ...The tie bar should be straight from end to end. If it is bowed up in the middle like mine was, it will hold the hood up, and not allow it to line up with the fenders. The splash pan on mine was also bent in the middle and I had to straighten both, to allow the center spacer assy to fit.
The hood latch could contribute to the problem.
I don't think it could allow the hood to be raised one half inch above the fenders but definitely some.
Please read this prior post about how to adjust your hood latch and then compare yours.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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