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57 HT Windlace

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Does anyone have a couple of nice pics of front windlace installed? I'm trying to make sure I understand how it installs and what the retainer looks like installed relative to the kick panel and the upper dash.

Mine came with the kick panel upholstered and no windlace/retainer. I'm trying to formulate a game plan. I'm having my armrests covered and will have some extra material to do the windlace in front.

Thanks, and yes I searched the previous posts and found no pics!
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Surely someone has a pic!
Sorry, but i`ve got no pics of that area in a hardtop. The windlace retainer will install before the kick panels do. Be sure and leave about a 6" tail hanging out the bottom of the retainer so you`ll have enough to run it under the sill plate-plate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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