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'57 pedal assy. pics for mikey13

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Here's the pics you requested mikey13. Hope this helps ya.


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This is the only Pedal Assem. post I see so i hope I can add a few questions.
I'm working on a 56. There was no stock pedal assem. in the car when I bought it. I picked up a 57 assem. at a swap meet thinking how different can it be? Well Im' starting to mock it up and I see some differences. So how different is it and can it be modified to use? Or am I adding a lot of unneeded hassel? The car is in no way stock so "correct" does not matter. My car will be stick not auto.

Also the car had another non stock auto pedal assem. and a big power brake booster from a truck. The lower colum support was part of a support plate for that booster and the upper colum drop was on that other assem. What do I also need to hang my colum on both ends?
Thanks David, I got your PM. There are a couple swap meets left for the year around here, and a guy that has a lot of tri five parts near Harrisburg PA I will see if I can get something locally. After I get my firewall put together (was very butchered up) Every thing hinges on that pedal assembly, brakes steering, clutch, so I need to get that resolved before winter.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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