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Good Morning,

While developing plans for this 57 I have collected a few photos and notes on other cars I have liked. I looked closely at their stance and tried to identify how it was achieved.

Below are numbers for wheels and tires they I like. The question is will they fit without modifications. If not, what mods would be needed?

Along with these numbers I expect to relocate the shocks with a good kit.

Wheels & Tires:

American Racing Torq-Thrust II's 17" X 7" front and 18" X 10" rear with
205/50 front and 295/35 rear BFG Comp T/A's

The car is stock at this time. Disk brakes are planned. 9" will be put in sooner or later. Undecided about replacing leaf springs but they will probably go as well. I am assuming that each of the above mentioned additions must also work with these wheel & tire specs.

What I got'a do to get these on?

Thanks in advance,

Don Copeland
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