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700R4 Premature Torque Converter Lock-up

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New post about my 700r4 going into torque converter lock up as soon as I put it in gear (any gear). It almost kills the engine before the ECM speeds it back up and slips the rear drum brakes.
I pulled the pan and found out the electrical controls have been removed. After talking to the builder, I found out that a hydraulic lock up kit had been installed. ... He want's me to drag my car 300 miles to Oklahoma and he will fix it. :eek:
My question, has anybody installed this kit, and do you have the instructions. I plan on pulling the valve body, but don't know where to look for these parts in the valve body to see if they are installed correctly or something is missing. A copy of the instructions would help me a lot.
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Thanks David, your the man!
Sending my fax # as soon as the fax store opens here. Am I the only human without a fax on their telephone or someplace. :reddy:
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