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I acquired a 700r4 that was removed from a running 92' Suburban, and after cleaning it I found casting numbers on the flange area where the pan bolts to it indicating that it's an early 87' = 7YKM. All I was going to do was replace the speed sensor with a mechanical gear set-up, but before I knew it l I had torn it down to a bare case. I bought two manuals, an ATSG update manual and an ATSG tech manual; which have turned out to be good manuals to have. When I removed the 1-2 accumulator there were two springs, one red and one conical orange spring. The manual says that Corvettes were the only 700r4s that had two springs. Knowing what I know now, a Corvette 700r4 is nothing more than a 700r4 that GM basically put a shift kit in by installing the orange spring as a stiffener, that way when someone drove the Corvette compared to a full size Chevy, it felt like it had more umpf to it. Nothing like feeling all that power. Being raised in the Ozarks and living in west Texas for over 40 years, I have become pretty good at making home made SST's (special service tools) Check out one of those-->
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