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I have a master cylinder for a 1957 Chevy.
On the side of the master cylinder (left / passenger side as if bolted to firewall).
5454718 is that the part # ?
Next line 1"DIA.
Next line stamped is 7-D then cast is 15 is that the date code ?
Can anyone tell me how to decode these numbers?
I am putting my car back to 100% original for points and was curious.
Some people I talk to say the last line is the date code, others say there is no date code, and lastly I was told the last line is the cavity #.
I just want to find the correct core for my car before I spend $$ on a rebuild and to re-sleeve. Any information would be help.
Jim Januszewski

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jim i have original gm master rebuild kits in the gm box so you could keep it all original gm. if interested send me a pm thanks dean
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