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Air Condition Fittings

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Do you use anything on the threads of aluminum A/C fittings on an aluminum bulkhead fitting? Should you use an anti-seize, or just pag or ester oil, just in case I ever want to take it apart again.
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I'd use the oil you're going to use in the system (usually that's PAG), and just a drop or two. Anti-seize would be better for the aluminum itself but probably not so good if it got inside. My experience with anti-seize is that it seems to get everywhere. Since these are o-ring seals you won't need to tighten the crap out of them. Just snug. The oil is good enough IMO.
Thanks, Rick. I got a little tube of oil that came with the package of O-rings from Classic Auto Air. I finally got my polished stainless braided hoses. They look good, I'll post pictures when I get them connected.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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