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Alt Dummy Light Blues

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Have a 55 210 sedan updated with an American Autowire kit.

I've attached some pics of my dilemma. I have two wires that feed the alternator dummy light(original gen dummy light). One wire is the 12 volt feed and the other is my exciter wire from the alt. Some how, some way, I have a hole on the side of my connector.:eek: Something arc or ground? Defective connector? Any ideas on what happened or how to troubleshoot this?



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It looks like the plug may have been trapped someplace and a screw went through the plug and shorted the terminal, possibly from the cluster mounting or something else. Check any screws in the area for a burnt spot on the end. It looks like you can see threads in the third picture.
That's my first initial thought, but nothing has been installed with screws that would be in back of my instrument cluster. I also haven't any scorch marks yet. Crazy....
I agree with Don. Looks like a screw thread to me. Jim
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