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Another Radiator to think about.

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I have been following a thread about the PRC and AutoRad Radiators. I'm, ready to buy a complete module and there is one more that looks really great.
I am putiing this in a 57 with an AME frame /LS3 makes a unit that really looks good.

Does anybody have any experience with this product or company?

Any input is always welcomed,

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Den, I am building a 55 post with a AME chassis. I looked at everything out there and decided on the Sweet Components unit. They have some customer pictures on the web site that are exactly what I am doing. I was impressed by how all of the parts seemed to fit together with some style. I called and ordered it just the way I wanted it, sent a check, and had it one week later. Very impressed. Great company. Great experience .
Hello Den,

First, I hope you are feeling well. You had said that you were having surgery a while back.

I am also looking for a radiator setup for my 57' convertible. Does this setup allow move the radiator forward a few extra inches? The LS3 Supercharger setup I went with will need maybe 2-3 extra inches up front.

I hope you will post more pic's when you have time. Your build is very nice.
My build is moving forward nicely. It helps that I have a rod shop doing some of the work. With my busness schedule nothing would get down quickly.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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