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Jason Tolleson, [email protected]
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Massachusetts Bill to Ban the
Sale/Installation of
Aftermarket Exhaust Systems: Rep. Tom
Golden Needs to Hear
From YOU!!!
A bill (H.B. 2011) to ban the sale or
installation of "an
exhaust system which has been modified in
a manner which will
amplify or increase the noise emitted by
the exhaust" is on
the verge of being sent to the floor of
the Massachusetts
State House of Representatives for a vote
by all
representatives. The bill is currently
pending in the
Committee on Third Reading. The chairman
of this committee,
Rep. Tom Golden
([email protected]) needs to
hear from you!
We Urge You to Contact Rep. Tom Golden
by Phone AND E-mail
Immediately to Request His Opposition to
H.B. 2011
State Representative Tom Golden
Telephone: 617/722-2410
E-mail: [email protected]
H.B. 2011 ignores the fact that
aftermarket exhaust systems
are designed to make vehicles run more
efficiently without
increasing emissions.
H.B. 2011 does not supply law
enforcement with a clear
standard to enforce, allowing them to
make subjective
judgments on whether or not a modified
exhaust system is in
H.B. 2011 would make it difficult for
hobbyists to replace
factory exhaust systems with more
durable, better performing

Forward a copy of this ALERT to all
interested persons!
Please e-mail a copy of your letter to
Steve McDonald at
[email protected] Thank you for your
prompt attention to
this matter!

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