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Anyone using a Breakerless ignition?

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Is anyone running a breakerless ignition that takes the place of the points in the didtributor? If so, which brand?
John F
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I'm using pertronix.
I'm running a Pertronix Ignitor II billet distributor, I went with that rather than rebuilding or replacing my stock distributor (which was toast) and then adding the kit. I ran a Pertronix Ignitor kit in my 65 F&*d Thunderbird for 5 years with absolutely no issues.
Pertronix drop in. Ive used it in all my cars that originally had points.
For the past year and a half, I have been using the Petronix Plug and Play billet distributor with the Ignitor III electronics and a black (with label removed) Flame-Thrower III coil with ultra low 0.32 Ohm primary problems!

What is interesting about this combo is the stock wiring does not need to be modified because of the way the Ignitor III electronics handles the current. I had already ordered the pieces and parts, relays etc. to circumvent the stock start/run circuit wiring, but a Pertronix engineer stated that was all well and good but it was simply not necessary as the stock wiring would not be stressed. I was extremely skeptical, but decided to give it a try and I anxiously kept an eye on the stock wiring for signs of overheating.

Bottom line.........thousands and thousands of summer miles later, no wiring problems.

Only mod he suggested was to bridge the resistor in the back so it would look completely stock from the front, and I could then throw in a stock distributor and a 3.0 Ohm coil for stock shows.........well, I bridged the resistor, but never put the stock stuff back's much easier to drink Budweiser and talk about it than to actually do it!

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